How to pack a mountaineering bag
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Mountaineering bags are necessary equipment for outings, outings and field activities. Do you guys know about hiking bags? Do you know "how to pack a mountaineering bag"? There are still many things to use for hiking bags. Today, I will discuss with you how to pack hiking bags. Let's take a look!

1. Classification of items, according to weight, compressible and non-compressible, and use frequency equally divided!

2. Packing of the backpack follows the principle of top-heavy, light-weight, left-right balance, and easy access!

3. Sleeping bags, backpacks generally have a special sleeping bag compartment located at the bottom of the backpack, just compress it and put it away! You can put some change of clothes on the sleeping bag!

4. On the top are some sets of pots, stoves, gas tanks and the like! Toiletries and snacks can be placed in the side pockets on both sides of the mountaineering bag (generally, there are side pockets for mountaineering, if not, they can be placed in the top bag or the main cabin), and other items such as chargers can be placed in the top bag.

5. Regarding tents and moisture-proof mats, if you are going hiking, you can choose to hang it outside the backpack! If it is mountain climbing, the tent and moisture-proof pad should be stored inside the backpack, and the backpack should be covered with a rain cover to prevent the outside of the backpack from being hung by forest branches and causing accidents!

6. Regarding the adjustment of the backpack, the shoulder strap of the backpack must be adjusted to a height that suits you to be comfortable. The weight of the entire backpack can be broken down to the hips! At the same time, during walking, the waist belt and chest strap should be fastened so that the person packs together so that there will be no "person pack two way" situation!
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